Scrub hats can be quite the struggle, at times. There are so many different shapes, fabrics, and colours out there that it can be super confusing (and expensive) to find the perfect style for you.

But have no fear—we're about to banish the struggle forever!

We have seven signature styles in our range, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. 

Meet them all below!

Elastic Back Scrub Hat

Elastic back scrub hat

Best for: Short, to shoulder length hair

Shape: Classic cap shape with elastic in the back to keep it in place

The Elastic Back Scrub Hat is best for those with short, to shoulder length hair. If your hair is any longer than shoulder length, it will likely not fit underneath the hat.

When ordering this hat, you'll see that there is an option to add a toggle. If your hair is longer than chin length, adding the toggle is recommended, as it will help the hat to sit more securely and prevent it from moving around.


Tie Scrub Hat

tie scrub hat

Best for: Short to medium length hair

Shape: Classic cap style with ties at the back

The Tie Scrub Hat is our most popular style. The tie back is super secure, and is available in a wide variety of colours and styles. 

If you have longer hair, it's unlikely to fit underneath the hat. However, the ties can be tied around a bun if you prefer this style. 


Tie Elastic Back Scrub Hat

tie elastic back scrub hat

Best for: Medium to long hair

Shape: Classic tie style with shaped top and a combination of elastic and ties at the back

Our tie elastic back scrub hat is built with a little extra room in the back for those with medium to long hair. The tie keeps the hat super secure, while the elastic provides a flexible fit.

If your hair is shorter, you will likely find that this hat will feel quite baggy. If your hair is on the thicker side, we'd recommend the next two styles over this one.


Tie Back Bouffant Scrub Hat

tie back bouffant scrub hat

Best for: Extra long, or super thick hair

Shape: Extra wide front band with bouffant shaped back with pleats and ties

Our Tie Back Bouffant Scrub Hat is ideal for those with lots of hair! There's loads of extra room in the back, and has thick ties to keep it super secure.

Again, if you have shorter hair, you will likely find that this hat feels too baggy.


Bouffant Scrub Hat

bouffant scrub hat

Best for: Long, bulky hair

Shape: Classic 'shower cap' style

The Bouffant scrub hat is perfect for longer, bulkier hair. The wide elastic band around the perimeter keeps it super secure, while the spacious hat doesn't flatten hair throughout the day.


Bandana Scarf Style Scrub Hat

bandana scarf style scrub hat

Best for: Short hair

Shape: Triangle shape

The bandana scarf style scrub hat has a completely adjustable fit, and sits very securely if tied well. 

We only recommend this style for those with short hair.


Bonnet Style Scrub Hat

bonnet style scrub hat

Best for: Long hair, but suits everyone!

Shape: Double folded band around the forehead extending to two ties which can be wrapped around the head to tie at the front or at the back

Our bonnet style scrub hat keeps longer hair super secure, with the option to tie it at the front or at the back. The back also contains elastic to help achieve the perfect fit.


Still aren't sure? Take our scrub hat quiz now to find the perfect style for you!


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