The humble set of scrubs traditionally worn by doctors and nurses in operating theatre has come a long way since their inception. Surgeons did not wear any type of specialised clothing until well into the 20th century.  Prior to this when performing operations and procedures they typically wore their own clothes with something similar to a butchers apron over the top. ( NICE!) It wasn't until the 1940's when a greater understanding of infection and aseptic techniques resulted in the introduction of antiseptic drapes and gowns in operating theatres. Originally these were all white but they soon realised that combination of white and bright lights was giving everyone eye strain. Various shades of green became the preferred option.  

Scrubs are no longer the shapeless one size fits "most" garments of the past.  Today, any medical uniform consisting of a short-sleeve shirt and pants is known as "scrubs". The colours, styles and patterns available are endless. They are also worn by not only just healthcare professionals but a range of other professionals are adopting this comfortable attire as their uniform of choice. We love scrubs!

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