When you go to buy your next set of scrub pants what thoughts will be running through your head? We have all tried pants on and thought.. Are these flattering?  Are there any bits hanging out ? Does my bum look big in this?  You often wear your work uniform more than any other clothing so it makes sense that you want to look good in it.  We have had many customers who come in and apologise for wanting to try on a variety of styles, trying to get the one that looks and feels the best. They often say "I know its only a work uniform". Like i shouldn't be so fussy about what I wear to work. DON'T APOLOGISE ! We love it when customers find something that suits them and they feel great in it. That's why we carry such a large range of scrub pants to suit a variety of body shapes. One of our favourite pants at the moment is the new Transformer Pant (8747) from Medcouture. Cargo Pant with extra stretch a wide soft waistband with a drawstring.  If you are not sure which style will suit call us and we can give you some advice on which may be best.  So try away!



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