The demand for patterned scrub tops has skyrocketed in recent years—and so have all the questions about them.

"What's the point?"

"Do they look professional?

"What will my patients think of them?"

And we totally get it—they do give off a very different vibe to your standard scrubs.

But—in our humble opinion—the benefits are quite astounding.

Read on for the top three!

1. The smiles

There's nothing quite like the seeing the smiles and fun conversations that patterned scrub tops can start—especially if you're working with children or in aged care.

Furthermore, they're not just mood-boosting for your patients and their families.

Getting dressed up in a fun scrub top every morning can also elevate your own mood, helping you bring extra positivity to your workplace, and take on the day with confidence.

It's a win-win, really!

2. The practicality

A lesser-known benefit of patterned scrub tops, is that they're also ridiculously practical.

Often, prints will help to disguise small stains—so you won't see them, and neither will your patients. 

And depending on the fabric, they can also hide some gnarly wrinkles and creasing. Who really has the time to iron anyway?

3. The fashion

Let's face it—wearing the same old scrubs each and every day can get boring and a little de-motivating. 

But having a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from means that each day feels exciting, fresh, and new—and who wouldn't want that?! 


Are you ready to give printed scrubs a go?

Check out our fun, yet professional range today!



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